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Māori Land update

Our Māori Land Update is produced once a year as part of ongoing efforts to help inform and assist owners, organisations and government agencies about the characteristics of Māori land.

A list of recent Māori Land Updates can be downloaded as follows:

DescriptionLast Updated
Māori Land Update 2016 [PDF, 467 KB] 30/6/2016
Māori Land Update 2015 [PDF, 213 KB] 30/06/2015
Māori Land Update 2014 [PDF, 572 KB] 30/06/2014
Māori Land Update 2013 [PDF, 149 KB] 30/06/2013
Māori Land Update 2012 [PDF, 132 KB] 30/06/2012
Māori Land Update 2011 [PDF, 351 KB] 30/06/2011

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Māori Land Spatial Data

We recognise that the spatial mapping data we make available through our Māori Land Online website is an important data set which is highly regarded and sought after by agencies and other users of our service.

We are currently working with the Ministry for Primary Industries to develop a basic Māori Land Layer which we are planning to release publically later this year.

In anticipation of the release of this public layer, you can register your interest with us and we will notify you of any future release.

You can register your interest by sending us an email to our Māori Land Online email address:

Email: mlol@justice.govt.nz

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Useful documents

We generate and release many other reports that you may find useful. These include:

Register of Māori Incorporations

A list of all Māori Incorporations in New Zealand (including contact information)

DescriptionLast updated
Register of Māori Incorporations for New Zealand [XLS, 54 KB] 30/06/2016

Detailed Māori land information

DescriptionLast updated
Māori Land Blocks in New Zealand – National List [XLS, 4.8 MB] 30/06/2016
Register for Māori Land Trusts in New Zealand [XLS, 902 KB] 30/06/2016

Other Information

DescriptionLast updated
Static Map of the current Māori Land Court  District boundaries for the North Island [PDF, 2.2 MB] 01/10/2010
Static Map of the current Māori Land Court – Te Waipounamu District boundary [PDF, 5.6 MB] 01/10/2010

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