Outcome of meeting - Kaikoura 1 and Kaikoura 2

Following due notice by the Registrar of the Māori Land Court, Te Waipounamu Distirct, a meeting of owners was held in Kaikoura on 18 September 2016 for the following blocks:

  • Section 1 Survery Office Plan 6917 know as Kaikoura No 1 (Ngāi Tahu Ancillary Claim Block 1) and
  • Section 1 Survey Office Plan 6969 known as Kaikoura No 2 (Ngāi Tahu Ancillary Claim Block 2)

Following discussions it was agreed that the following information be published on the court website:

  • Original ownership lists
  • Current ownership lists
  • Report on any additions or removals from the ownership lists
  • Map of the blocks and
  • Notes from the meeting of owners dated 18 September 2016

It is the intention of the Registrar to hold a further meeting of owners in March 2017.

For more information about the meeting or anything relating to these blocks you can contact the Registrar, Te Waipounamu District:

Māori Land Court
30 Sheffield Cresent, DX:WX11124

Phone: 03 962 4900

Email: mlctewaipounamu@justice.govt.nz

Supporting documents:

Notes from meeting of owners held on 18 September 2016 [PDF, 102 KB]

Map of Kaikoura 1 and Kaikoura 2 Blocks [PDF, 688 KB]

Kaikoura Claim 1 - original ownership list [PDF, 30 KB]

Kaikoura Claim 1 - ownership list [DOC, 303 KB](external link)

Kaikoura Claim 1 - Report on additions and removals from ownership list [PDF, 274 KB]

Kaikoura Claim 2 - original ownership list [PDF, 41 KB]

Kaikoura Claim 2 - onwership list [DOC, 1.4 MB](external link)

Kaikoura Claim 2 - Report on additions and removals from ownership list [PDF, 419 KB]

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