Notice of investigation of title - Mataimoana Block

TAKE NOTICE that the Whanganui Trust has made application to the Māori Land Court, Aotea District, for an investigation into the ownership of the Mataimoana Block.

Mataimoana is Māori customary land adjoining the Mangaporau block and Section 9 Block IV Moumahaki SD and is situated on the boundary of the Whanganui and South Taranaki Council District. It is comprised of 50.1608 hectares (more or less) and is located on Watershed Road, west of the Whanganui River about the level of Jerusalem. A map of the location is available on our Māori Land Online website(external link).

The land is currently administered by the Whanganui Trust (Inc). A meeting was held on 17 February 2012 where Ngāti Hau, Te Ātihaunui a Pāpārangi and Ngā Rauru hapū/iwi were identified as having an interest in the land. A series of court sittings will now be held in relation to investigating and formalising the ownership of the Mataimoana Block.

The application is set down to hear evidence from David (Tuffy) Churton’s as to his claims of ownership to the land as follows:

VENUE:   Whanganui Māori Land Court, Ingestre Chambers, 74 Ingestre Street, Whanganui

DATE:     Wednesday 11 October 2017

TIME:      11.20am

If you intend to appear and give evidence at this court sitting you must file a notice of intention to appear [PDF, 62 KB] with the Court by Tuesday 3 October 2017, 5PM.

PLEASE NOTE: In addition to the October hearing, the court intends to have further hearings in November and December 2017.  If you wish to be notified of any further hearings please contact Amiria Joseph-Wiari at the Whanganui Māori Land Court.

For more information about the hearing or any future hearings you may contact Amiria Joseph-Wiari, quoting application reference A20100012008, at:

Māori Land Court
Ingestre Chambers, 74 Ingestre Street, DX:PX10207

Phone: 06 349 0770


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