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We deliver a range of services to you, from our national office, our information office and our network of offices around the country.

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NEW: Dispute resolution service

The Māori Land Court now offers a free, tikanga-based dispute resolution service to assist parties to resolve issues about Māori land in private and out of court. Find out more about the dispute resolution service.

Front line services

Advisory & information services

We have dedicated advisory and information staff who are your first point of contact when dealing with us.

You’ll talk to them on the phone, get initial responses from them if you email or fax us, or they’ll be the friendly faces who greet you at each of our offices around the country.

We recognise that it may not be easy or convenient to come into one of our offices and you are able to send enquiries to us by:

  • mail
  • email
  • fax
  • phone

We also hold regular outreach clinics and trustee training seminars at venues around the country to answer any general enquiries you may have, or to help you fill in an application form.

Our clinics are driven by demand. We may not be able to get to an area closest to you, but we’ll do our best to help you.

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A regional network of offices

We have staff based at each of our registry offices:

  • Whangārei (Taitokerau District)
  • Hamilton (Waikato-Maniapoto District)
  • Rotorua (Waiariki District)
  • Gisborne (Tairāwhiti District)
  • Hastings (Tākitimu District)
  • Whanganui (Aotea District)
  • Christchurch (Te Waipounamu District)

We have a dedicated information office in Auckland and have staff located in our National Office and Office of the Chief Registrar in Wellington.

You can contact us at any time between 10:00am and 4:00pm on normal weekdays.

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Registry services

Case management

When we receive your application we will normally process it at the registry office closest to where your land is located.

We do this because:

  • the records related to those lands are normally held by the registry office closest to where the lands are located
  • our regional staff have extensive experience with the land blocks associated with their office.

We also provide judicial support services for our Judges and for hearings of the Court both at and away from our local offices.

Your application will be allocated to a registry office and processed by one of our Court Service staff who will contact you and keep you up to date with progress on your application.

Land registry service

We have a small dedicated team of staff who maintain our ownership and title information which records not only what interests you have but also anything that may affect a Māori land block.

You may not necessarily deal with one of our land registry staff, but once you receive an outcome for your application, it would be our land registry staff who update the paper and electronic records of the Court and complete registration of those outcomes with Land Information New Zealand.

This service is provided as part of your application and we won’t charge you any further fees related to this work.

Māori Land Court records service

As a court of record we have been collecting records about Māori land and their owners since 1865. This information is part of the public permanent record of the Māori Land Court as defined by the Māori Land Court Rules 2011.

Māori Land Court Rules 2011 Section 7.19(external link)

Our record consists of our:

  • historical court record – those records created before the passing of Te Ture Whenua Māori Act 1993
  • current court record – those records created after the passing of Te Ture Whenua Māori Act 1993
  • electronic record – those records created and captured electronically in our Māori Land Information System since 2000.

We manage over 15 million records. Each registry office maintains and manages records associated with Māori land within their district. Our national office in Wellington oversees and coordinates the registry offices.

Our records are a public record and provided it will not damage the original records, can be viewed, for free, at the office in which it is located or copies can be provided upon payment of a copying fee.

We’ll work with you to find records that may interest you, but, depending on your needs, it may take us a lot of time and research to locate the information (if we have it).

Find out more about our record

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Other services

Māori Land Online

Our stand-alone Māori Land Online website provides a snapshot of current ownership, trustee, and memorial and block information for Māori land which is captured from our land registry system and provided for free online. The site has three main search functions:

  • Owner interest search – a search for interests held by owners and trustees in Māori land
  • Block search – a search for land blocks, trusts and their locations
  • Map search – a visual map search of all Māori land in New Zealand

Ownership and title information is updated automatically every 4 hours from our land registry system and, if changes are made, mapping data is updated every 24 hours.

Visit Māori Land Online(external link)

Māori Land Data Service

We often receive a wide range of requests for further information regarding different aspects of Māori land.

To meet this demand we provide the following information:

  • Māori Land Update – information on the number and size of Māori land around New Zealand and related information about how they are managed
  • Māori Incorporation Register – a list of Māori Incorporations around New Zealand
  • Māori Trust Register – a list of Māori land trusts around New Zealand
  • Māori Reservation Register – a list of Māori Reservations around New Zealand
  • Māori Land Mapping data – Shapefile mapping data from our Māori Land Online website

Find out more about our Māori Land Data Service

Information booklets

We have a series of information booklets which have been specifically developed to provide you with more detailed information about Māori land.

These booklets are in English and Māori and cover the following topics:

  • Māori Land Trusts – Kaitiaki Whenua Māori
  • Māori Incorporations – Ngā Kaporeihana Māori
  • Succession – Te Mana Tuke
  • Māori Reservations – Whenua Rāhui Māori
  • Trustees’ Duties – Ngā mahi a ngā Kaitiaki
  • Applications – Ngā Tono
  • Transferring Māori land shares – Te Whakawhitihea Whenua Māori
  • Title Improvement – Te Whakahou Taitara

We also have a brochure and factsheets on the legislation changes coming into force on 6 February 2021.

Read or order copies of these information booklets

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